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Ebony Arrington, popularly-known as Ebony Steele, is an immensely talented and successful on-air personality, comedian and business owner. The Birmingham native began her broadcast career at WBHJ-FM (95.7 JAMZ) where she landed her first on-air gig as the co-host of the #1 rated Cox Buckwild Morning Show. Ebony caught her first real break after she was introduced to Comedian Rickey Smiley at a Thom McCann shoe store. Little did she know, that chance encounter would lead to a spot on one of the top Hip-Hop morning shows in the country 11 years later. During her time as co-host of the nationally-syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Ebony utilized her comedic agility to write for the show, perform her daily hit stand-up sketches “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” and “Ain’t Nobody Saying Nothing”, and lend her voice to the wildly popular prank phone call series by Rickey Smiley and Roy Wood, Jr. Because of it’s popularity the Rickey Smiley Morning Show was selected as one of five national radio shows featured on FOX Network Television’s nightly entertainment show, Dish Nation.


Before entering the world of broadcast entertainment, Ebony spent many years as an on-stage performer through modeling, theater and competitive pageants. While attending Tuskegee University, Ebony won the prestigious title of Miss Tuskegee and later went on to earn her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, Ebony reigned as Miss Gulf Coast and won numerous awards in the Miss Alabama pageant.


Ebony’s success in broadcast has opened many doors for her to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Having interviewed stars such as Beyonce, Ciara, and Zoe Saldana (just to name a few), Ebony stands at the forefront of pop culture and entertainment. Her vivacious personality and undeniable beauty has landed her several guest-host appearances on networks such as CNN and HLN.


What can you expect next from Ebony Steele? Stay tuned as your ‘Favorite Girlfriend’ brings you bigger and better laughter, inspiration and insight into the latest in entertainment and pop culture. Look out world! Ebony Steele is #STEELEStanding.

Darrell Larome
Atlanta GA


Darrell Larome is an ambitious young man with an entrepreneurial mindset; well-known for his vibrant personality and creative mind. His definition of success is “living happily doing what you love to do.” While indulging in acting, directing, dance, and fashion, he is well considered a Jack of many trades. Darrell Larome attends Morehouse College as a Drama major. He is pursuing his career in the entertainment industry and he aims to encourage and inspire others to pursue their happiness wholeheartedly and take all opportunities that come their way. Contact Us for more information on Darrel and our other 60StS performers.

Kelvin Rowe
Atlanta, GA


Kelvin Rowe Bio


Born February 24, 1981, an only child to my mother in Pensacola Florida, Kelvin spent his early childhood years in Bradenton, Florida. As an only child, he had lots of time to day dream, think, imagine, and create.


His life of performing and expressing words started with music. At the age10, he and his mother left the familiar comforts of Bradenton Florida and headed for new surroundings of Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that Kelvin was introduced to pivotal friends and sounds of music that gave my writing direction. Influenced heavily by Hip Hop such as Outkast and Goodie Mob, he expanded his writing from poetry to hip hop. The sound of Atlanta music Scene would broadened his love for words and originality.  He could appreciate the infusion of the instrumentals behind the vocals- expressing his poetic talent in World renowned poetry houses such as Apache Cafe, Q's House of Poetry, and Java Monkey, and most importantly becoming a respected Artist in the Atlanta Entertainment Community. The respect of his peers came not just for the love of the arts, rather his contribution to others. 

Years later, he would take an acting workshop by Dwayne Boyd that would ultimately change the course of his future. Landing gigs in "ATL" the movie, stage plays in the presence of Robert Townsend, performing on TV shows such as Tommy Ford's The Artist Talent League- Episode 1, acting emerged in his life. He would find a passion for acting that would lead him to further teaching from Dwayne Boyd, Victor Love, and Greg Alan Williams. He has since had the privilege to act in various theater projects, films, web series, and commercials.


" I have learned this gift is meant for others, our purpose in life is to lift the world, the hurt, the fallen, and those who are lost. I now see that an Artist only becomes great from the lives that he touches, the hearts that he mends, and the purpose of his voice. "- Kelvin Rowe


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